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A good reason to lose weight

Losing weight often leads to the near immediate benefits of reduced high blood pressure, reduced blood sugars, improved cholesterol levels, reduced medication needs, improved self- esteem, and better mood.

Long term benefits of losing weight may include reduced risk of cancer, reduced risk of atherosclerosis and heart problems, reduced risk of back problems, and reduced risk of osteoarthritis.

These benefits can result in a longer, and healthier lifespan.

Who we treat

Issues our clients may have:
Overweight, obese for any reason
Severe obesity
(e.g. ~300+ lbs with high body mass index)
Overweight with sleep apnea or snoring
Overweight with back or knee pain
High blood sugar, cholesterol or blood pressure
Pre- and post-gastric bypass or lapband procedures
Unhealthy weight and professional appearance
(e.g.: film and television professionals)
Post-injury weight gain
(e.g.: firefighters and police officers)
Post-pregnancy weight gain
Overweight children and teens

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